OBO Profile

OBO profile: I am a family man with 3 kids together with my wife Roby based in Milan, Italy, who is enthusiastic for life and willing to reciprocate all kindness received. I am convinced that professional life can be a great source of learning and satisfaction if we help people find their value, always!

Indeed, the daily exposures to diversity in the job environment can teach us a lot, and the workplace presents a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally by practising listening skills, compassion, and care, all with an orientation of service to our fellow human beings.

Music adds even more flavour to my life, and in this vein, the piano is my best friend.

Sharing knowledge is another important task in life: I am author of two marketing/sales books “Pricing INside OUT” (2020) and “The Shamrock Model: Marketing – Design – R&D convergence” (2011).

I also believe that studying is vital: I have a degree in business (Italy and UK) and a post-degree in marketing. this education has enabled me the good fortune of being able to travel the world, for professional and personal reasons…most of the time, bringing my family with me.

Finally, I do encourage everybody to do some volunteering: this is a life-changing experience. I am on duty on the ambulance (Red Cross) and the connection I make through this work helping suffering people nurtures a sense of beauty inside me… I find it priceless!